Bloody cool art

Glorix makes portraits out of squished mosquitoes.

Looking to find a way to stand out from competitors as it launched, Unilever bug-spray brand Glorix partnered with DonorSearch, an agency that’s setting up a database of blood donors in Russia. The idea was that, the more mosquitoes you get rid of, the more blood you have to donate to potentially save a human life.

To promote its new cause, BBDO Moscow tracked down and squished a handful of mosquitoes, using the blood found to make tiny portraits of human faces, driving home the human connection between blood and saving a life.

The mosquito-sized portraits were put on display in an art gallery, and it seems to have worked: 80% of visitors to the exhibit said they would be willing to donate blood on the spot.


Brand: Glorix (Unilever)
Agency: BBDO Moscow
Senior Marketing Manager: Andrey Kutuzov
Junior Brand Manager: Maria Shramko
Creative Director: Mihai Coliban
Creative Director: Gatis Murnieks
Art-Director: Konstantin Tokarev
Senior Copywriter: Victor Lander
Group Account Director: Anna Sokolova
Account Manager: Maya Annakulieva
Producer: Ivan Davydenko
Event Management: Elena Novikova, Anna Budzyak, Pelican
Production: Zebrahero
Director: Andrey Paoukov
Producer: Artem Tsaregorodtsev
Cinematographer: Dmitry Novikov
Lighting Designer: Andris Rutinsh
Motion Design/Colorcorrection: Denis Ageev