Making dad a Wi-Fi hotspot

With TieFi, Grip convinces connected kids to stay close.

tiefiAs you may have noticed by how often we drool over new tech, we here at Stim tend to have a bit of skepticism whenever people complain about how technology and the internet are ruining our kids and turning them into sluggish drones with their noses buried in their screens. One point that does resonate, though, is how this is reducing the amount of time they interact with people who don’t spend their days on Facebook; namely, their dads. And if hearing from the fathers themselves about how all they want is to spend more time with their kids doesn’t thaw your heart, maybe a doctor explaining the health benefits of interacting with one’s parents will.

There is a way to get the best of both worlds though. Grip has found a way to take the tie, the most beloved of all Father’s Day gifts, and turn it into something that could get families to spend some time together after it’s been unwrapped. Using the parts in any old wireless internet router, “Tie-Fi” takes a home’s regular Wi-Fi signal and re-routes it through the tie while also weakening it. That way, your kids need to stay within at least 10 feet of the person wearing it if they want to stay connected.

If you’re a handyman (like all the best dads are), you can go to the website and download step-by-step instructions for how you can create your very own Tie-Fi.


Agency: Grip
Creative Director: David Chiavegato
Creative Director: Rich Pryce-Jones
Director of Technology: Justin Krinke
Copywriter: Trevor Gourley
Art Director: Julia Morra
Designers: Olivia Harrison, Zhi Gao
Producers: Liz Crofton, Stephanie Walker-Wells
Assistant Production Coordinator: Tania Overholt
Editor: Mark D’Amico
Animation: The Juggernaut
CG Artist: James Hawkins