Bid the rainbow

BBDO gives you the chance to snag the Skittles merch of your dreams.


We know you’ve been on the hunt for a perfect grape Skittles tiara, so good news – the search is over.

BBDO has created “Auction the Rainbow,” where you can bid for free on all the necessary items, from a lemon Skittles phonograph to an orange Skittles unicycle.

All the one-of-a-kind items were specially created for the auction, which runs until Aug. 6. But don’t worry – you won’t have to shell out any cash for those orange Skittles Latin percussion bongos. The auction trades on Facebook “likes,” and the user with the most on their shared item wins.

Five new items will be up for bid each week, so check back. You don’t want to miss out on that green apple Skittles decorative egg, do you?


Client: Skittles
Agency: BBDO Toronto