There are only two kinds of people

You either find this blog hilarious or have no sense of humour.

You’re either a person who bites through a bar of chocolate or you’re someone who breaks it up into individual pieces and then go in for the kill.

This has been known to man since the dawn of the chocolate bar, but never has the stark contrast been recorded in history, until now. Meet Portugal-based art director JR (founder of Kim Jong-Il Looking At Things) and his Tumblr blog 2 Kinds of People. In it, he posts colourful illustrations of the differences that make us unique (that is, if there were only two people in the world). He celebrates the kinds of people who open one internet tab at a time and those with web-induced ADD that keep multiple tabs going (guilty as charged), among other blindingly obvious contrasts. He takes submissions, so here’s ours if he’s reading this: restless spread-out-like eagles and spilling-onto-significant-other sleepers (also guilty as charged) and heavy-weight coffin sleepers.

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