Art on a plate

Some crazy plate lady can't stop doodling on bone china.

screen shot 2015-07-06 at 5.19.42 pm

We’ll have the tootsie roll, with a side of liquorice painted on a white bone china plate, please.

That’s right, not only can you order a plate of food at the Ritz-Carlton restaurant, but you can also get a plate of food art to go along with it. That’s what a Toronto illustrator (a.k.a @thecrazyplatelady) has been keeping herself busy with these days, making plate art for the hotel’s guests and also selling them on the side. Jacqueline Poirier’s delectable plates are so life-like, you’d almost want to take a bite. Want one of your own? She’s selling them online, and you can even have them customized to display whatever your mouth fancies. Now if only we could stop drooling over our keyboards long enough to request one for ourselves.

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