Chevy really hates aluminum

The automaker uses three different tactics to prove its superiority.

For its Silverado line of pickup trucks, Chevrolet has never been afraid to compare itself to Ford’s F150, especially when it comes to using reinforced steel instead of aluminum. But a series of three new spots really tries to drive the point home.

The first spot from Commonwealth/McCann is a long-form version of what one might consider the typical pickup truck ad. It features long-time spokesman, pro football analyst and NFL Hall of Famer Howie Long, talking with Chevy’s chief engineer about the structural benefits of using reinforced steel instead of aluminum.

Some of you might have a hard time getting through three minutes of a former defensive lineman pretending to be interested by science talk, so there’s also a video that is more in line with the tough-guy vibe associated with pickup drivers. A bunch of real people are sent into a room to examine two cages, one made out of steel and the other out of aluminum. They’re then made to hide in one when a grizzly bear is sent in after them.

Well…that was a bit intense. Is there a way to get that same message across in a way that’s a little more our speed? Oh, you have a room of comic book nerds? They complain about why a superhero called “Aluminum Man” is a terrible idea? Perfect!

The tone of the last two spots is a bit hyperbolic (aluminum is lighter and more malleable, making it a more logical material for car manufacturers increasingly conscious of things like fuel efficiency) and perhaps needlessly aggressive (“You’re going to get into an F-150? Even a bunch of geeks think you’re a stupid pansy and you deserve to get eaten by a bear”), but if you’re going to get all “we’re tougher than our biggest competitor” in a campaign, you might as well go all the way.


Brand: Chevrolet Silverado
Agency: Commonwealth/McCann
Creative Chairman: Linus Karlsson
Chief Creative Officer: Gary Pascoe
Executive Creative Director: Bob Guisgand, Duffy Patten
Associate Creative Director: Vic Quattrin
Senior Copywriter: Scott Wolf
Executive Producer: Kelly Balagna
Senior Producer: Adam Davis
Account Director: Bill Wilt, Derek Chappo
Account Executive: Amanda Collier
Production: Make
Director: Zach Merck
Executive Producer: Dana Locatell
Supervising Producer: Tim Mack
Editor: Jeff Ferruzzo, Arcade Edit
Effects: Arsenal FX
Flame Artist: Mark Leiss, Jameson DeSantis, Matt Motal
Colorist/Telecine: Shane Reed, Apache Color
Sr. Audio Engineer: Loren Silber, Lime