Tired of being dangerous

SAAQ tries to open your eyes to driver fatigue.

Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec knows how hard it can be to keep those eyes open on a late-night drive. But it’s better to pull over and stop until you can, before someone else on the road does it for you.

Lg2 – which got some attention for its radio and video work with the SAAQ in Cannes last month – is once again working with the organization to promote road safety in the province, this time focusing on driver fatigue. Despite how it may feel when you fade in and out of alertness on the road, other vehicles don’t disappear just because you aren’t aware of them, as the driver in this new video learns, with life-threatening consequences.

The message in the spot is telling drivers to “stop, before fatigue stops you,” and it means it literally. The campaign is also being supported with print ads and radio in French and English, that show just because you’re slowing down, doesn’t mean everyone else on the road is.





Brand: Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec
Agency: Lg2 
Vice President, Creative Director: Luc Du Sault 
Copywriting, TV: Luc Du Sault 
Copywriting, French radio: Jean Lafrenière 
Copywriting, English radio Andrée-Anne Hallé 
Strategic Planning: Catherine Darius, Mireille Côté,Alexandra Laverdière 
Advisory Service: Alexandra Laverdière 
Director: François Lallier 
Director of photography: Yves Bélanger 
Production Company / Production: Nova Film – Dominik Beaulieu, Pierre-René Bonnette
Production Agent: Isabelle Fonta
Sound Studio: BLVD
Music, English radio: Jonathan Dauphinais, Andrée-Anne Hallé
Postproduction: Rodeo FX
Media: Isabelle Baillargeon, Cristina Henriques, Touche!