Calling all vacation daredevils

Aluminum is the only thing between you and a 400 meter drop.

Blasted fear of heights! If we didn’t cringe at the idea of sleeping in a tent that protrudes from a mountain face (with nothing but a 400 meter drop below you), we’d already have our vacation days booked and a plane ticket to Peru in our pocket. This incredible panoramic view can be seen via the Natura Vive Skylodge, a capsule-like accommodation that’s only 24 feet by 8 feet, holding four beds, a dining area and bathroom. And if you thought sleeping in the¬†aluminum and polycarbonate tent was the scariest part of the outdoor experience, we’re here to tell you that the only way to get there is to either climb the rocky¬†Via Ferrata mountain or zipline hike your way across. Aah. And you were so close to saying yes.

Via Uncrate

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