A dark and stormy night

Sid Lee joins Subway in spinning a tall tale.

All of you creatives reading this always seem to be very proud of the new, ground-breaking forms of storytelling you come up with. That’s great, but there’s something to be said for the way stories used to be told, and all the better if they are told by someone with a grizzled and charming east coast vibe to them.

In Sid Lee’s first spot as Subway’s lead creative agency, a classic old fisherman weaves a tale about missing that rare shot at “the big one.” It’s a story that was once all too common on the docks and boats of this country, but this one comes with a twist made possible by today’s modern conveniences: the lobster sandwich he was actually talking about can be found, once again, at his local Subway restaurant.


Brand: Subway
Agency: Sid Lee
Public Relations and Social Media: Veritas Communications
Media Buying: Carat
Sweepstakes: Simon Pure Marketing