Shaving off the extras

Trampoline helps Dollar Shave Club get to the point.


Dollar Shave Club has developed a bit of a reputation for being sarcastic, mainly because of a video from 2012 showing the brash head of the company waltzing around a warehouse and bragging about how great it is, while failing to return a tennis balls and tossing boxes around. Funny, yes, but you can’t have a two-minute long viral success every time.

This new print ad by Trampoline is simple and clear about Dollar Shave Club’s core message of saving money when you shave. And it does so without losing what has become the brand’s trademark cheekyness. There’s something to be said for an ad that doesn’t need a confused looking bear in a warehouse to get a point across.


Brand: Dollar Shave Club
Agency: Trampoline
Art Director: Stephen Flynn
Photographer: Mike Postma