Vrrmmmm goes the car

Do you make your own sound effects? Volkswagen has a treat for you.

In a video for Volkswagen by Deutsch LA, Michael Winslow (an actor and comedian you might recognize from the Police Academy movies or as “The Man of 10,000 Noises”) walks onto a racetrack, only to sit down in front of a (rather inconveniently placed) computer. He begins making all the car noises you secretly make to yourself when you’re driving too fast on the highway. And as he does, a video of a Volkswagen vehicle driving on an open road plays in front of him, with each turn and brake seemingly matching the noises coming from Winslow’s mouth.

But the video Winslow is watching isn’t just for this spot. On the dedicated site, Volkswagen is inviting the public to record 10 seconds of them making their best car sound effects. They can then use AI to generate a video of themselves as a stunt driver riding around a course to match the sounds.

We wanted to try it out ourselves, but you have to be loud for it to recognize the noises, and the Stim offices are full of people who are no fun at all and seem to be on “very important calls” and “can’t have some annoying writer pretending to be a racecar driver in the background” all day long.


Brand: Volkswagen
Agency: Deutsch LA
Creative Director: Martin Legowiecki
Senior Copywriter: Marijke van Niekerk
Senior Art Director: Neph Trejo, Rocio Alvarado
Group Planning Director: Susie Lyons
Senior Planner: Armando Potter
Head of Technology: Marc Gowland, Josh Hirsch
Group Creative Director: Heath Pochucha
Group Account Director: Tom Else, Monica Jungbeck
Experience Design Director: Paolo Benvenuto
Executive Producer: Nick Ngai
Executive Director: Pam Scheideler
Executive Creative Director (Platforms): Tara Greer
Executive Creative Director: Jerome Austria, Todd Riddle
Director of Integrated Production: Vic Palumbo
Digital Strategy Director: Zach Gallagher
Digital Producer: Jenny Court
Designer: Erica Park
Sr Interactive Creative: Karan Dang
Creative Director: Andrew Hsu, Daniel Barak
Copywriter: Eddie Babian, Shiran Teitelbaum
Chief Strategy Officer: Colin Drummond
Chief Digital Officer: Winston Binch
Chief Creative Officer: Pete Favat
Art Director: Alice Blastorah
Account Manager: Erin Shanahan
Account Executive: Ashley Su, (Assist) Sheila Ashouripour
Account Director: Alex Gross
Developer: Hassan Elzein, Jesse Pinuelas
Executive Producer: Ted Markovic
Editor: Ian Paxton
Edit Assistant: Tony Bernard
Post-production/VFX Producer: Pete King
Post-production House: Big Block Entertainment Group
Colourist: Brandon Chavez
Production Company: Steelhead
Executive Producer: Ted Markovic
Director: Eric Kaufmann

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