A journey through space, time and music

Lightyear.fm visualizes radio broadcasts in the solar system.


Did you know that radio broadcasts leave Earth at the speed of light? Yes? Okay, smartypants, did you know that the farther away you get from our magnificent planet, the longer the waves take to travel there and the older the music you hear there will be? We sure didn’t, but this nifty website, called Lightyear.fm, educated us on this neat fact with a journey through space, time and music, playing a selection of the hit songs one would hear if they were 10, 25, all the way up to 110 light years away from Earth (you can scroll through the distances yourself, or let the site take the wheel of your virtual spacecraft). And if the music isn’t enough to keep you glued to the site, click on any of the bright moving stars on the screen and it will give you the name of each of the solar beings. And once you’ve reached the end of human broadcasts in space, please join us in feeling utterly tiny and insignificant as the site tells you how 120 years of music travel is just a dot in the grand scheme of things.