How pretentious can Chef Jacques La Merde be?

This guy makes meals using tweezers and cheap ingredients.

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Not everyone falls for the fancy fine-dining schtick. Many prefer a hearty meal that has to fight to get some space on a plate. If you’re one of them, then you’ll like this parody Instagram account that pokes fun at pretentious food that uses a whole whack of ingredients but barely any food. Chef Jacques La Merde (which, directly translated, means Chef Jack Shit in French) creates (using tweezers) gorgeous presentations of what some might call “meals” – but instead of using fancy ingredients, he chooses to throw in cheapo things like Doritos chips, yogurt covered pretzels, corn dogs and even frozen Starbucks drinks (he once made a frozen┬áMocha Frappuccino look like caviar beads). It shows just how easy it is to charge an arm and a leg for obnoxiously small meal portions. And now we bow our heads in pity for the suckers who fall for such magic tricks.

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