Penguins have problems too

CIBC and Juniper Park somehow make a large talking bird relatable.

You will never see a more grumpy group of people than a bunch of Torontonians waiting for a delayed bus when they have important things to do, thank you very much. So to show that they understand how busy day-to-day life can be, CIBC (with help from Juniper Park) sent its mascot Percy Penguin to wait with commuters.

You see, Percy is just as busy as you are. He needs to get to the bank and get that cheque deposited, too. That’s why he uses the bank’s mobile app to deposit his cheques on the spot, a neat trick he showed pedestrians while they waited for what appears to be a delayed bus driver.¬†We have never connected with a talking penguin mascot more.


Brand: CIBC
Agency: Juniper Park