What it’s really like to be caught in the middle

War Child's video game looks at war through the eyes of a child.

War Child has always been about helping children that find themselves (through no fault of their own) in the middle of a conflict zone. The organization is currently looking to get people in the U.K. to sign a petition, asking the country’s politicians to prioritize the protection of children in war zones at the World Humanitarian Summit in May of next year. To promote the petition, a video by London-based Toad takes the perspective of a video game set in one of these areas, except instead of choosing a soldier, you play as a young girl named Nima. Right away, things go off the rails. This video does not hold anything back, and shows that even if something like a video game medipack were available in the real world, there are some wounds that can’t be treated with bandages.


Brand: War Child UK
Agency: Toad
Creative Directors: Guy Davidson, Daniel Clarke, Heydon Prowse
Production Company: Mother’s Best Child
Director: Daniel Lucchesi
Co-Director: Heydon Prowse
Editor: Elliot Windsor
Producers: Heydon Prowse, Guy Davidson
Post Production Coordinator: John Thompson
SFX Producer: Andy Ryder
Colourist: Jack McGinity
Post-Production: H&M Ogilvy One
Audio: Liam Conwell
Music: Jamie Perera

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