Sorry, you’re still too slow

Belairdirect and Sid Lee knocks (irrational) confidence down a notch.


Getting a car insurance quote fast? Pretty awesome. Getting bit by your ferret? Not so awesome. That basically sums up the latest campaign from insurance co Belairdirect, promoting its online quick quote offer. The cheeky spots, by Sid Lee, show off the confidence (maybe a little too much confidence) that some customers might feel when getting their quotes so quickly.



Brand: Belairdirect
Agency: Sid Lee
Strategy: Pauline Rosen
Account services: Amélie Leclerc, Joumana Oweida
Creative Director: Eric Chavagnac
Art Director: Jean-Nicolas Duval
Copywriters: Andrew Morgan, Maxime Paiement
Agency production: Jimmy Lee – Valérie Lapointe
Production: Les Enfants – Visant Le Guennec
Director: Maxime Giroux
Sound and post-production: BLVD