Little Beasts

Ziploc's new web series features a classroom of zoo animals.

If you’re a big fan of animals dressed as humans, then Ziploc has a treat for you. The food storage brand and agency BBDO have come up with an entertaining, albeit slightly weird, web series called “Little Beasts” that features llamas, hogs, monkeys and other animals you’d find in a zoo. Except they’re not. Instead, they’re at school getting their picture taken, being taught by frustrated teachers and being scolded by the principal for being a little, shall we say, pack animal. The lesson Ziploc is trying to teach parents? “Kids are a trip. Pack accordingly.”


Brand: Ziploc
Agency: Energy BBDO, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Mark Taylor
Executive Creative Director / Copywriter: Mike Roe
Creative Director: Amy Ditchman
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Dan McCormack
Head of Integrated Production: Rowley Samuel
Executive Producer: Melissa Barany
Producer: Matt Scoville
Senior Account Director: Nicole Guisto
Digital Account Supervisor: Emily Ciaglia
Production Company: RSA
Director: Rob Cohen
Producer: Michele Abbott
Editor: Sean Berringer
Assistant Editor: Mark Bachara
Graphics: Vitamin Pictures