Why walk when you can roll?

It's not quite a hoverboard, but the WalkCar is the next best thing.


Kids, kids! Roll your way to childhood obesity.”

The Chandler Bing quote couldn’t be more accurate than in today’s world where things like the WalkCar (by Tokyo’s CocoaMotors) are actually being invented. Don’t get us wrong, we totally want one of these Segway-without-the-handles boards. They’re compact (so small that they can be put into a bag), speedy and are better for the environment than a car (since they’re electric), but the more of these types of inventions that come up, the more concerned we get for the human race’s ability to commute without the help of some sort of machine. Actually, never mind, we already use machines to help us run. At least if we use the WalkCar, we can skip traffic and make it to the gym before the rush starts.