Giving power to the people

Jam3 helps MTV embrace the internet's weirdness.

Say what you will about today’s celebrity fan art-obsessed youth, those kids have talent. Within seconds of a sad shark doing a half-assed dance at the Super Bowl or Miley Cyrus pulling out a foam finger during an awards show performance, Twitter and Tumblr are flooded with GIFs and photoshopped images. So ahead of its annual Video Music Awards, where meme-able events like this tend to happen, MTV decided it wasn’t going to fight it.

Working with Jam3 in Toronto, the network set up a website where fans can download images and video of artists including Cyrus, Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars, Beyonce, The Weeknd, Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar. From there, they can pair them with any number of weird backgrounds and other images, from tacos to ghosts to sloths dressed in business suits. Users can upload the final products to the site and also share them on social media, and MTV will be choosing some of the best and adding them to campaign creative that currently has Cyrus standing in front of various green screens. Until that day comes, enjoy Cyrus riding a giant white cat or Lamar getting ready to bring his haul of awards home.


Brand: MTV
Agency: Jam3