The amazing crash-proof stroller

Lazy (clumsy) dads, Volkswagen has responded to your pleas.

Earlier this year, Volkswagen and Dutch agency Achtung! aired an ad featuring a mom wondering aloud why baby strollers don’t have automatic braking (like the Volkswagen Golf does). When the company posted the video to Facebook, a commenter asked why the car company didn’t make one themselves.

Let no one say Volkswagen doesn’t listen to consumers.

Using the same sensors in the Golf, Volkswagen’s engineers were able to create a stroller that brakes as it approaches an obstacle. The video shows the construction and testing of the new stroller, and captures the fastest recorded emotional turnaround from “I am so scared this untested product will hurt my child” to “This just made my life so much easier.” That’s because the engineers took¬†the idea a step further, modifying the sensor so the stroller¬†always maintains a safe distance, following the dad around as he went about his day – even using it to push another child on a swing.


Brand: Volkswagen
Agency: Achtung!

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