The real deal

KFC and Grip "take care" of the Double Down's imitators.

It’s been two years since KFC’s aggressively indulgent Double Down sandwich graced Canadian restaurants, and the cult of fans around it have been clamouring for its return. Because of the demand, several “imitators” have sprung up to try and respond to that need. But now the OG chicken-as-bread sandwich is back in town, and it can’t have fakers trying to knock it off its game.

KFC and agency Grip rewarded some of the Double Down’s more passionate fans by inviting them to an event where the impostors were taken out with extreme, explosive prejudice. It was live-streamed on Periscope for those that couldn’t be there in person, and the restaurant has now released a video of the unfriendly send-off, so the rest of us can enjoy the fun that comes with blowing stuff up.


Brand: KFC Canada
Agency: Grip
Art director: Anton Ratinsky
Sr. Copywriter: Jeff Collins
Social content strategist: Matthew Stasoff
Social content strategist: Jacquie Kostuk
Account Director: Sascha von Nickisch-Rosenegk
Account Manager: Shawna Powell
Account Coordinator: Nicholas Hillier
Agency Producer: Katherina Villa
Line Producer: Jeff Pangman
Director of Photography: Pasha Patriki
Pyrotechnics: Jeff Skochko
Editor: Ralph Floro
Colourist: Wade Odlum
Sound Engineer: Paul Seeley


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