Amazon saves the day

Even a pup with a bum leg can benefit from next-day home delivery.

screen shot 2015-08-17 at 10.31.54 pm

How exciting can advertising next day home delivery be? There are obvious ways to go about it. For example, show a distressed woman who needs a new pair of pumps for tomorrow’s wedding (we didn’t say she was very organized). The female protagonist doesn’t have time to go to the store, so she purchases the shoes online and receives them the next day. Cut to her bouncing on the dance floor and winking at the camera. Cue tagline about how Amazon Prime saves the day. Perhaps a damsel in distress has become a bit cliche, because the online retailer has (shrewdly) decided to use the persuasive power of a puppy in distress instead. That’s right, Amazon, that’ll help you go viral (not that we’re complaining: this spot made us smile so much it looks like we slept with a hanger in our mouth).


Brand: Amazon
Agency: Joint London
Creative director: Damon Collins
Creatives: Algy Sharman, Al Brown
Director: Kevin Thomas

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