Different angles on Lego

Legoland takes two creative techniques and combines them.


On Labour Day weekend, Legoland Discovery Centre Toronto will be hosting a weekend dedicated to the Ninjago product line and children’s TV series. To raise awareness for the event, an internal marketing team at Legoland constructed posters out of the familiar Lego bricks¬†in a transit shelter near Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square. While it’s an idea we’ve seen in dozens of different iterations over the years, this one took a different route by combining it with a method even older than Lego.

Lenticular printing, first developed in the mid-1940s, is a special technique you’ve probably seen before, where viewing the same image at an different angle either creates an illusion of motion or makes it look like a different image altogether. The illusion is created with a series of plastic, linear lenses¬†placed on top of two interlaced images, but Legoland had the bright idea to simulate the effect using Lego bricks, revealing a different Ninjago character as the viewer moves from side to side.

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Brand: Legoland Discovery Centre Toronto