Fun with sounds

SNDWRX turns its site into a musical playground.

We may not be musicians on the level of SNDWRX, but they found a way to let us feel like we are (even if just for a moment). When you go to the Toronto audio post-production house’s new website (developed with help from HYP Software), you’re greeted by the friendly illustration above (by DXTR). By hitting one of your computer’s 26 letter keys, you can trigger a different sound (from simple drum beats to synths to samples) and create your own compositions.

In addition to turning your keyboard into, well, a keyboard, the site also includes a kind of scavenger hunt. By typing in music-related words, you can trigger animations and little songs. Finding all 26 will let you input your e-mail address and post your score to social media to get SNDWRX swag and possibly a free session in their studio.



Illustration: DXTR, Germany
Development:  HYP Software Solutions, Portugal
Sound Designers: Didier Tovel, Slater Groves, DJ Yobi, Caleb Dalziel, Ken Lo, SNDWRX
Concept and direction: Didier Tovel, SNDWRX


Director: Didier Tovel & Andre Arevalo
Editor: Mark Paiva, Saints
Colour and VFX: Daniel Kelly, The Faculty
Song: “Ouverture” by SNDWRX
Sound Design: SNDWRX Audio