Telling everyone’s story

Cundari and CIBC's Run for the Cure has reduced us to tears, again.

Cundari’s work promoting CIBC’s annual Run for the Cure charity run supporting the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation has a well-documented history of hitting hard emotionally. Really, really hard. So prepare yourself before you watch their new documentary-within-a-documentary released ahead of this year’s run.

Previous Run for the Cure participants were asked to be featured in a documentary where they were interviewed about why they took part in the event, and later invited to a public screening of the finished product. After telling their own stories (which are emotional enough), the camera resets and the crew behind the shoot step in front of the camera to reveal something about themselves and why Run for the Cure is important to them.

Yeah, we’re right there with you.


Brand: CIBC Run for the Cure
Agency: Cundari

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