Boat drinking is the gateway to a life of crime

Saatchi and the CSBC create villains out of boaters.

Even though they have to operate a vehicle with a big motor that’s surrounded by water, some people still feel like having a drink while they are out on a boat isn’t a big deal. But not only is it very risky, it’s a crime, even after a single sip.

In a pair of videos for the Canadian Safe Boating Council, Saatchi & Saatchi Canada plays on that idea, dropping in on a couple of phone conversations between boaters and someone on the mainland that start off normally enough. But the moment they take a sip of a drink, they have turned to a life of crime, and can’t help but go full movie villain, complete with a list of demands and super-scary kidnapper voice.¬†We thought criminals used some kind of device to disguise their voice, but apparently bad people just naturally sound like that.




Brand: Canadian Safe Boating Council
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Canada
Executive Creative Director: Brian Sheppard
Group Creative Director : Matt Antonello
Group Creative Director: Joel Arbez
Writer: Matt Antonello, Cory Hansen
Art Director: Joel Arbez
Head of Production: Michelle Orlando
Director: Derek Shapton
DOP: Jeremy Benning Sesler
Editor: Brian Wells, School
Music & Sound Design: Boombox Sound
Colourist: Andrew Exworth, The Vanity
Online: Michael Medeiros, The Vanity
Production House: OPC
Producer: Ian Webb
Exec. Producers: Harland Weiss, Donovan Boden

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