One cup of Pot Noodles

...can make your dreams (no matter how bizarre) come true.

pot noodle 2

With a name like Pot Noodle, it’s no wonder the brand attracts the slacker type. The Unilever product is basically noodles in a cup, which you pour hot water in and enjoy almost instantly. But Pot Noodle wanted to rid itself of that slacker rep and start firing up millennials to get them to think of the noodles as a way to save time so that they can chase their dreams. For example, take a look at this guy in the brand’s latest ad, which was created by agency Lucky Generals. The guy from humble beginnings manages to achieve his life mission of being in a Las Vegas boxing ring, all thanks to the extra minutes he gained from not having to prepare and cook a meal from scratch. Watch all the way to the end, as there’s a twist that shows the brand still has a quirky sense of humour amidst its efforts to shed the slacker vibe.


Via The Inspiration Room


Brand: Pot Noodle (Unilever)
Agency: Lucky Generals
Creative director Danny Brooke-Taylor
Creative team: George Allen, Lizzie Moore