Jason Corbett and the Actors

A new-wave, post-punk and synth-pop band from Vancouver.

Jason Corbett and I go way back. I’ve known him since the days of “Section 3″ and “TV Heart Attack,” and to this day he continues to inspire me. Recently, he quit his day job to concentrate on music full time. And now, as a bona fide producer/composer and mixer, he’s doing what he loves at Jacknife Sound – the company he started at Greenhouse studio in East Vancouver. He’s recorded for local bands like Sex with Strangers, Jody Glenham, Sunshine, as well as a few tracks for our band, SX70 (shameless plug here).

Jason’s most recent musical endeavor, called Actors, is his best yet. The style is described as new-wave, post-punk and synth-pop, and influences like Bowie/Eno and Roxy Music can be heard throughout. They’ve played almost everywhere in the city and are a great live show. Listen to some of their tunes here and keep an eye out for the next gig here.

This Frandom is by James Filbry, founding partner, ACD and AD of Spring Advertising.

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