Red Bull unleashes surfers at the Wave Garden

Manmade waves that rival Mother Nature's handy work.


Surfing has always relied on Mother Nature to provide the venue for this ever-evolving sport. Sometimes she delivers perfection, sometimes nothing. But as the sport continues to evolve, so does the venue — thanks to the longest manmade wave created by Wave Garden.

Now, wave pools aren’t new. Some have come, most have gone, and none have been fit to host a professional contest. But because of the surf-savvy engineers at Wave Garden, we are now seeing manmade waves that rival Mother Nature’s handy work. Waves that are worthy of a world-class surfing event, such as the Red Bull Unleashed.

The event will play host to an eclectic roster of professional surfers who will go head-to-head at the new Wave Garden in Snowdonia, Whales. This marks the beginning of a whole new stage in surfing, and soon picture-perfect waves could be miles from ocean shores and at a surf pool near you.

This Frandom is by Jono Saye, copywriter at Spring Advertising.