A bike with a smartphone for a heart

This creative director is giving the finger to cycling traditionalists.


We love this story about a man who decided to give the cycling industry (or at least its governing body) the finger for thinking inside the box. Robert Egger, a creative director at U.S.-based Specialized Bicycle Components,¬†wanted to design a bike that doesn’t conform to the rules of the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale), which is the governing body for sports and competitive cycling (and therefore the way bikes are designed). And so that’s why he came up with the not-so-affectionately named fUCI (or Eff You See Eye) bike.

It’s everything you’ve probably never dreamed of, and more. It’s completely unique, and fashioned with the smartphone in mind. For instance, a rider can store their mobile device in a dock near the handles and have it do a range of smart things, like monitor the tire pressure, switch the bike’s lights when it gets dark or foggy, alert riders when they’re too close to a car, or navigate and change ride routes. And the best part: removing the phone automatically locks the bike tires, preventing anyone from riding away with it. It’s a brilliant idea, though it does add to our fear of becoming totally dependent on our phones. Like we can fight that one.

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