This hotline helps the friends and family of hangry individuals.


We’re not sure if we should be offended or amused by this ad. It’s not always a great idea to make fun of a serious situation (like when a depressed person calls a help hotline to talk it out), but Snickers somehow manages it in a way that doesn’t rub us the wrong way (not much, at least). Maybe it’s because the spot, by BBDO New York, changes the focus to be on the friends and family members of people who are hungry and have begun to exhibit feelings of distress. The man on the other end of the hotline talks it out with callers and goes a step further by couriering (by bike) a Snickers snack bar to relieve the victims of hunger of their grouchiness, sleepiness and altogether miserable energy they’re putting out into the world.

If you are a victim of someone else’s hunger yourself, the new Snickers packaging will be in stores soon, so you will be able to get that grumpy someone in your life to take a hint by giving them a treat (or, you know, getting someone else to do it for you).


Brand: Snickers
Agency: BBDO New York

Via AdWeek