Better than a burger

McDonald's unveils what it had in mind for Peace Day.

Last month, Burger King made an offer it seemed McDonald’s would have no choice but to accept. The former chain proposed putting their competitor¬†differences aside to raise awareness for Peace One Day by combining their signature menu items into a “McWhopper” that would be sold in Atlanta, the midway point between the companies’ headquarters. But refuse McDonald’s did, with CEO Steve Easterbrook saying the two brands could do something more “meaningful” to contribute to world peace than selling a sandwich in a single city.

On Monday, a new animated spot for World Food Programme debuted, drawing attention to the United Nations initiative that delivers food to those impacted by war, especially refugees and children. Though the spot contains no branding from the chain, McDonald’s “championed” the effort with the support of Burger King, as well as a list of other global companies including Facebook, Twitter, Google, MasterCard, McCain Foods, United Airlines and DreamWorks pushing the spot on social and making donations, as well as McDonald’s agencies TBWA and OMD, who developed the spot. McDonald’s donated media in 38 different countries for the one-day campaign, and all funds raised on Monday were directed straight to the program’s most urgent efforts in Syria, Iraq, South Sudan and Yemen.

For those interested, Burger King went ahead with its plan for a “Peace Day Burger,” instead joining forces with Denny’s, Brazilian chain Giraffas and southern U.S. chain Krystal.


Brand: World Food Programme, McDonald’s
Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day

World Food Programme
Director: Tyler Guthrie

CEO: Steve Easterbrook
CMO: Silvia Lagnado
Senior Director, Global Brand Development: Matt Biespiel

Artist: Noma Bar
Narrator: Liam Neeson

Animator: Ale Accini

TBWA\Chiat\Day New York
Rob Schwartz – Creative Director
Melatan Riden – Art/Design Director
Daniel Sanders – Copywriter
Mike Malz – Designer
Anastasia Garcia – Social Content Manager
Kiyotaka Sumiyoshi – Motion Graphics Designer
Chad Hopenwasser – Head of Integrated Production
Jason Souter – Group Executive Producer
Dan Bradbury – Integrated Producer
Katie Porter – Senior Producer
Brittni Phillips – Production Associate
Olivia Whyte – Associate Producer
Debra Horvath – Head of Business Affairs

Jean-Marie Prenaud – President, International Accounts
Aki Spicer – Head of Digital Strategy and Content Planning
Edward Rogers – Account Director

Music: Elias Arts
Track Title: “The Promise of Peace”
Executive  Producer: Joey Netter
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Audio Mix: Heard City
Executive  Producer:Gloria Pitagorsky
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