Good grief!

Get your own face in the world of The Peanuts Movie.

Seeing someone who still has a “Simpson-ized” or “South Park-ized” profile photo on Facebook or Twitter is generally a good indicator that they aren’t interesting enough to be worth following. But Peanuts is totally different because Peanuts characters are very, very cute.

To promote The Peanuts Movie, which hits theatres in November, Fox Family created a tool that (like other beloved animated franchises have done before) allows fans to put themselves into the cartoon’s world. On the Peanutize Me website, a person can choose from (what it says are) millions of combinations to create their own likeness and place themselves alongside Snoopy and Charlie Brown.

Here, have a look at your beloved Stim contributors:




(She’s lucky adding Pigpen’s dirt cloud wasn’t an option.)


Brand: The Peanuts Movie (Fox Family/21st Century Fox)