Vanhawks has your back

This smart bike vibrates when an object is too close.

vanhawks 2
Have you ever gone cycling and had a car ride so close to you that you saw your life flash before your eyes? I relish the memories of my childhood, but not enough to have them flashing before me every time I go for a good ‘ol fashioned bike ride. Luckily for me, there’s a new company coming out of its startup phase that have my back. Literally. Thanks to Vanhawks, cyclists can now buy a bike that has sensors to alert the rider when there’s an oncoming vehicle. Picture yourself riding down the street and instead of a car startling the rhythm and soul out of you, you are now alerted to oncoming objects by a gentle vibration in the handlebars. Big sigh of relief.

This week’s Frandoms are by Brenton Mowforth, partner and CD at Toronto’s West & Social.

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