A luxurious way to eat outdoors

This isn't an average picnic basket, it's a whole dining experience.

picnic table 1
Sometimes you may not want to sit on the ground at a park and have a picnic. Maybe it’s the ants or dealing with prickly grass when you forget a blanket, but now there’s a solution for those dire situations (we are, of course, kidding — it’s really not that bad). The URfresco Luxury Picnic Basket was created by Dave Rowan of URtensils, and it’s not only a portable picnic suitcase of sorts, it’s also a table. It holds a fair amount of cutlery and plateware, enough for two people, including plates, glasses, and even wine bottles. And not only is the design genius in its ability to fold into something so compact, it’s also contemporary, not kitch.

picnic table 6 picnic table 2 picnic table 3 picnic table 4