In The Eyes Of The Animal

The best use of VR yet. This headset lets you see what animals see.

vr animal headset

Mind. Blown. This is probably the best use of virtual reality this Stim writer has personally come across. Sure, it’s cool to be able to immerse yourself in a virtual game or go shopping without leaving your home, but this VR headset shows you a completely different way of looking at the world: through the eyes of an animal in a forest. The headset, dubbed In The Eyes Of The Animal, was created by the folks at design studio Marshmallow Lazer Feast (yes, the name also made us chuckle). They wanted to give people in England the ability to observe animal sight, such as that belonging to a dragonfly, which “experiences life over ten times faster than a human and in 12 colour wavelengths (a human has a combination of three),” according to the shop’s Vimeo page. And what’s more, not only do you get to peek through the eyes of three forest critters and insects, but you also get to hear what they hear and feel what they feel, thanks to a subwoofer called Subpac, which you wear on your person. I’ve wasted hours staring at dogs wondering what they’re looking at and how they see us strange humans, so this would be a real time-saver solution to my compulsive daydreaming.

Via Fast Co. Design / Photo by Luca Marziale/MLF