Schneider-Electric saves the world (not so) ordinary office worker at a time.


If you weren’t quite sold on the butterfly effect chaos theory — maybe you should watch the set of commercials by BETC for Schneider-Electric below. The spots show how one considerably small action (like a facility manager in an ordinary office building pressing a button on his keyboard) can lead to a life-altering, earth-shaking chain of events (like a Llama farmer making a viral film, and subsequently earning half a million dollars, for being given access to the internet as a result of said office worker’s action).

The ads for the U.K. energy company are meant to support the brand’s positioning of “Life Is On” and focus on the people who use Schneider-Electric solutions and the value of their work, according to a release from BETC. We were already pretty certain the butterfly effect was legit after watching Ashton Kutcher’s performance in the movie of the same title, but this just seals the deal for us.


Brand: Schneider-Electric (U.K.)
Agency: BETC