The (almost) indestructible Cypress Umbrella

Here's a rain protector with some seriously sturdy bones.

cyprus umbrella

We’re the type to scream (and yes, curse) in public when our umbrella collapses outward under the force of strong winds. Chances are, you’ve probably had the same experience. Most umbrellas aren’t built to protect from wind, but not this one. Meet the¬†Cypress Umbrella. It’s a rain protector¬†by Vancouver startup Hedgehog products that’s built to withstand winds that tend to bend and flip an umbrella inside out. It does this with an independant suspension system, which means that each of its “ribs” (the spider-looking legs found near the top of the dome) pivot and automatically adjust on their own as the wind blows beneath the canopy. Finally, no more emotional public breakdowns for us (at least not those related to torrential downpours).