Unneces-scary (and unnatural) ingredients

Meet Cheapotle. It's Chipotle in a Halloween costume.

There was a time when goblins and ghouls scared us. Now, we’re frightened by unnatural, artificially flavoured and processed meals. In fact, some of us cower so much at the thought of eating additives that Chipotle has made a short film to scare us even more. The “Endless Line” short was created by New York-based studio Piro (which worked with the brand in 2014 on “Farmed and Dangerous“), and features a woman who enters what she believes is a Chipotle restaurant. Unluckily for her, it turns out to be “Cheapotle,” the company’s cost-cutting and traditional fast food sister chain, where the kitchen is short on real ingredients and full on unnecessary additives.—

Brand: Chipotle
Chief Creative & Development Officer: Mark Crumpacker
Director Brand Marketing: Mark Shambura
Director of Advertising: Ryan Murrin
Brand Voice Lead: William Espy
Marketing Project Manager: Carly Atto
Brand Design Lead: Anna Tou
Production Company/Agency: Piro
Director: Tim Piper
Executive Producers: Daniel Rosenberg and Tim Piper
Producer: Josh Rothfeld
Production manager: Haley Papageorge
DP: Christophe Lanzenberg
Gaffer: Charlie McNamara
Key Grip: Dave Araki
Writers: Jeff Astrof, Tim Piper and Daniel Rosenberg
Production Designer: Matt Duncan
Propmaster: Jeff Monte
First AD: Mark Kaufman
Casting: Grande Morris
Post Producer: Michael Uys
Editor: Mike Feldman
Sound design and mixing: JD Heilbronner, Color
Music: Jordan Yaeger
Special FX: Matthew Lincoln & Perry Kroll
Colorist: Damien Vandercruyssen
Color Producer & Facility: Katie Andrews, C03