Black bars put to good use

JWT Brazil turns video recording blunders into ad space for charity.

It’s a classic yet still persistent mistake people make in the smartphone era: forgetting to turn their phone sideways when recording video, resulting in long vertical videos with the sides of the screen filled with intrusive black bars. Now, J. Walter Thompson Brazil has come up with a way to put that wasted space to good use with “Doe as Barras” (or “Black Bar Donation” for English speakers).

If someone realizes they’ve made the classic blunder but would like to put the video on YouTube anyway, they can upload it through the Doe as Barras website. The black bars on the side will then be used as ad space for one of the project’s partner charities (even if your Portuguese isn’t great, you can still get an idea of how it works in the video below). A half dozen non-profits have joined the project already, and submissions are open for others to join the cause, so your screw-up can actually result in some world-changing good.


Brand: Doe as Barras/Black Bars Donation
Agency: J.Walter Thompson Brazil
CCO: Ricardo John
Head of Planning: Isabella Mulholland
Head of Art: Fabio Simoes
Creative directors: Hernán Rebaldería / Gustavo Lacerda
Copywriter: Pedro Araujo
Art directosr: Fernando Palandi, Pedro Ricci
Account team: Thiago Galdi, Yves Rodrigues, Marcela Castelli
Media team: João Dabbur, Siloe Neves
Chief Strategy Officer: Fernand Alphen
Creative Technologist: Drausio Tronolone
Motion Designer: Marco Loschiavo
Head of Digital Production: Maisa Delgado
Digital Producer: Helio Valente
Production company: Epico Digital
Sound: Shuffle