Not everything is worth an Effie

The show sympathizes with everyone who's been pitched awful ideas.

Here’s the thing about ideas: everyone thinks theirs is brilliant. This is something you (brilliant creative person reading this) have probably dealt with while making small talk with family and friends at a party or barbecue. Right? You may not be able to escape those cringe-inducing conversations/impromptu pitches, but at least The Effie Awards understands your pain.

The Effies, which recognizes the most effective international ad ideas, has launched a new campaign to coincide with the opening of entries for the 2016 awards. Handled by The Via Agency in Portland,the ad shows agency types being pitched the best ideas from all the worst sources: your drinking buddies, your mechanic, your uncle at a family dinner. They range from impractical (coordinating 400 horses) to morbid (a life insurance coupon inside of a funeral brochure) to just bad… very, very bad.

You can check out the full lineup on the show’s YouTube page, but here are a few early favourites:


Brand: The Effie Awards
Agency: The VIA Agency
Executive Creative Director: Amos Goss
Executive Creative Director: Teddy Stoecklein
Group Creative Director: Jake Benjamin
ACD, Art Director: Bobby Pfieffenberger
Sr. Copywriter: Kristen Krissa
Sr. Art Director: Mikeal Krissa
ACD, Copywriter: Chris Jacobs
Client Strategist: Luke Stevens
Executive Director of Production: Mary Hanifin
Production: Assembly Films
Director: Christopher Bean
Executive Producer: Gloria Colangelo
Executive Producer: Becky Donahue
Line Producer: Kyra DeMarco
Director of Photography: Gerry Wenner
Postproduction: The RecRoom
Editor: Bryan Moak
Audio: Yessian, Weston Fonger
Casting: Sidecar
Casting Director: Anthony Pichette

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