The most adorable pitch meeting ever

TrojanOne lets babies tell Fisher-Price what babies want.

It might feel like your colleagues behave like children when their ideas aren’t taken seriously in a meeting. But this video from TrojanOne shows that actual children might be more productive.

A creative team of adorable babies dressed in adorable business-wear gather in a boardroom to throw around ideas for a new toy for Fisher-Price. Since they’re at the age where they haven’t yet developed impulse control, they throw every possible feature out there (“What colour should it be?” “All of them!”). But no one knows what babies want better than babies themselves, so what comes out is the¬†Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo, a dancing toy with interactive games the babies declare an instant winner.¬†How’s that for encouraging creativity?


Brand: Fisher-Price (Mattel)
Agency: TrojanOne

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