What does BMO know about basketball?

FCB helps the bank answer the question on the mind of some kids.

Maybe, while sitting in an area or at a music festival, you’ve asked yourself, “What could a brand possibly know about one of my favourite things in the world?” when its name shows up on a screen. And for kids who play basketball, the same question is being asked now that BMO has partnered with NBA Canada.

A bunch of basketball-playing kids in a video by FCB Toronto jump right into a quiz asking, “What’s a bank like BMO know about basketball?” and throws out basketball terms (and some pretty harsh burns) as it questions whether or not a big, faceless bank knows what they mean. But BMO seems to be okay with them being skeptical, so long as the kids¬†– boys and girls of all ages who play everywhere from school gyms to street courts to their driveway¬†– play the game they’re supporting.


Agency: FCB Toronto
Brand: BMO


Connie Stefankiewicz – CMO
Justine Fedak – Brand Advertising & Sponsorship NA
Jennifer Carli – Brand & Sponsorship Advertising, Market Research, NA
Michael Sanders – Brand Advertising Strategy, NA, Advertising U.S.
Deny Soto – Brand & Sponsorship Advertising Canada


Jon Flannery – Chief Creative Officer
Nancy Crimi-Lamanna – VP, Creative Director
Shelley Brown – Chief Strategy Officer
Tracy Little – VP, Group Account Director
Carmen Steger – Account Manager
Tony De Sousa – Producer / Head of Broadcast

Production House – United Films
Peter Davis – Executive Producer
Phil Brown – Director
Doug Koch – DOP
Trudy Turner – Producer

Editorial – Panic & Bob
Carolyn Atyeo – Executive Producer
Michelle Czukar – Editor
Sam Larson – Assistant Editor
Alec McKay – Assistant Editor

Online/Transfer – Smith Creative Finishing
Patty Bradley – Executive Producer
Jenna Edwards – Producer
Transfer – Billy Ferwerda
Online – Andrew Hobbs/Daryl Shaughnessy

Audio – Grayson Matthews
Kelly McCluskey – Executive Producer
Bridget Flynn – Exec Producer
Tom Weston – Track Producer