A new (but not) ride

Here's a wooden framed bike that's making us swoon.

All we want for Christmas is a bike made of wood. Screw the two front teeth.

A couple creative people are stepping outside the box, and producing some rather brilliant bikes. Just take a look at this one that gives the middle finger to traditional bike design. And now there’s a potential new bike, designed by Niko Schmutz (a student at the School of Design at Pforzheim University in Germany) that has a concentric frame made entirely of wood. Not only does it look good, it has genius features. According to Dezeen magazine, the bike was designed to “absorb vibration and lend the vehicle¬†a ‘spring effect’ on uneven urban roads.” But it’s not the first one to be designed with wood at its core, here’s another by designer Paul Timmer. Sadly, this one is just a prototype, but we don’t see that being the case for long. Someone tell our family (or rich friends) that we’d love to find one of these under the Christmas tree one year.

wooden-bicycle_niko-schmutz_dezeen_1568_1 wooden-bicycle_niko-schmutz_dezeen_1568_3



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