Damien Rome is Dylan Rozario’s rapper alias

The Art & Science designer merges graphic and sound design.

damien rome

It’s usually a good idea to keep your mind distracted with side endeavours if you want to keep the creative juices free-flowing. You can’t make ads all day long without getting into a rut. One designer at Art & Science is taking this advice to heart, and has launched a side career in music. Rapping, to be specific. And he’s quite good. Actually, really good. His name is Dylan Rozario, though he’s going by his rapper name of Damien Rome (rolls off the tongue better, we assume).

He’s also just released his first album. Here’s what he has to say about his new labour of love: “I’ve been producing instrumentals for six years now, and have experimented with home-recordings for the last four years. Although I have experimented in the past, this is the first year that I’ve taken recording seriously in professional studio environments. I’m constantly seeing similarities between graphic design and sound design, so even though I love making songs, I also enjoy projects that let me work with both mediums to create memorable audio-visual experiences.”

You should check him out. We did. In  fact, we’ve been listening to him drop lines since we sat down to write this.

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