Don’t trust the weather man

Strangers come together to report the forecast from their phones.

There’s only a few things worse than carrying a clunky umbrella around all day in preparation for scattered rain showers, only to have to leave it in its sleeve. Frustration sets in: you’ve been duped by the weather man, again. About ready to give up on the professionals you rely on for accurate forecasts? Perhaps the app Sunshine will bring some, erm, sunshine in your life again?

It’s a smart little application that aggregates weather data from every single one of its users when they’re outside. People simply tap their phone to record the temperature and climate exactly where they stand, with the app using a barometer sensor in the phone, and then collates that information with other recordings.┬áStrangers helping strangers with geo tracking apps seems to be a thing now. Waze is another one that crowdsources information from various users, but instead of sun rays and rain drops, the app shares information about accidents and traffic jams.

What’s next? An app that tracks line-ups at an LCBO? Actually, wait, that’s a good idea. Someone get on that.





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