A phone-less world

This photog removes our "phantom limbs" from images.

phone 11

Eric Pickersgill witnessed a moment almost all of us have seen before. A four member family sitting in a cafe, all but one gazing at the phones they hold in their hands. They sit in silence, and occasionally look up to share some piece of information they came across online. The daughter stares out the window, while the closest people in her life sit disengaged.

So he did what any photographer would do. He photographed this scenario, and many others like it, but then he did something interesting: he removed the mobile devices from the subject’s hands and had them freeze in their pose while he photographed them. The result is a collection of strangely mesmerizing images, with men, women and children clutching nothing but air, their hands disfigured and empty where the device used to sit.

phone 10 phone 9 phone 8 phone1 phone 2 phone 3 phone 4 phone 5 phone 6 phone 7

 Via Collective Evolution