Shrine of Anthopoulos

Sid Lee's worshipping ground for the Blue Jays' general manager.

screen shot 2015-10-19 at 9.43.20 pm

Alex Anthopoulos is probably the best thing to happen to Canadian baseball since, well, we don’t know what. The Blue Jays’ general manager put together a team that put the country back on the baseball map, and the folks at Sid Lee have decided to show their appreciation with “The Shrine of Anthopoulos.” The website is a digital place of worship for all things Blue Jays where anyone can leave a photographic offering to the baseball gods to keep the momentum going. Heather Brode, a creative at Sid Lee is convinced that “as more offerings are added, the shrine will grow in power.” And after last night’s game, we’re starting to feel a little spiritual ourselves.

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