Symphony in the prairies

Red shows classical music has a place in Alberta.


Classical music and Alberta might not be two things we necessarily associate with each other, but we’re starting to think we should.

Unlike orchestras based in other provinces and cities, the Alberta Symphony Orchestra is a new non-profit that takes classical musicians and tours them around the province to bring appreciation for the art form to cities big and small.

In these posters promoting its first tour, agency Red took some of the things that might come to mind more readily when we think of the province – tractors, oil rigs, fields of wheat – and combines them with symbols of classical music to show the genre does have a place within Alberta’s culture. If the results look this good, just imagine how they must sound.

absymphony3 absymphony2 absymphony1


Brand: Alberta Symphony Orchestra
Advertising Agency: Red
Creative Director: Craig Redmond
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Nigel Hood
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Jon Manning
Illustrator: Nigel Hood