The moire effect in art

Designer Ralph Russo plays with colour, texture and shape.


Local artist and long-time designer Ralph Russo has started to tear down barriers experimenting with colour, texture and shape to create some truly dynamic and visually inspiring pieces. And the way he does it is through the moiré effect. This is the act of “superimposing a repetitive design, such as a grid, on the same or a different design in order to produce a pattern distinct from its components.” Melding together art, design and technology has opened up news doors for both functional as well as aesthetically-pleasing pieces, which help narrow the divide between art and function.

To discover what more exciting things are in the works from Mr. Russo, visit to see more designs.

This week’s Frandoms are by Anand Puran, founder, and Chris Russo, CW and editor, at On Your Mark Media.

russo 3 russo 2

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